Couples Counseling in Melbourne, Florida

Finding Solutions For Staying Together

Earl Ledford, LCSW, CST, CET, CAP

Couples Counseling with Earl Ledford, LCSW in Brevard County, Florida

Tired of arguing? Tired of fighting? Struggling to stay together? Has your husband or wife cheated?  Is pornography a constant source of your fighting?  Has an addiction taken over your marriage? You have come to right place. I specialize in couples counseling through helping couples find solutions for staying together, guiding couples through affair recovery and infidelity recovery, and facilitating couples substance and behavior addiction recovery.

My approach with you and your spouse or partner is to identify what you want to be different in your life, where you are in relation to getting there, what you are willing to do achieve the difference, and to help you keep your focus on getting there. I believe that everybody has the internal resources to change.  My goal is to help you find solutions and take baby steps toward achieving your goal of staying together, recovering from an affair or other infidelity, or recover from a substance and behavior addiction (pornography, cybersex, or sex).

To make an appointment with me in my office you can call me at 321-213-7370 or click on the "Secure Client Login" button to make an appointment through my scheduling website,  

I have been conducting video-conference counseling sessions in my Virtual Office since 2001.  To make an appointment for a session to find solutions for staying together, affair recovery or infidelity recovery, or substance and behavior addiction recovery in the privacy of your home or office click on the video camera.  Therapy sessions are available only to Florida residents.  Relationship coaching is available to anyone anywhere in the world.

                    My brick and mortar office is located at:

Working together we can:

  • save your marriage
  • heal from infidelity
  • stop arguing
  • improve communication
  • feel more connected emotionally
  • survive your spouse's mid-life crisis
  • rekindle your sex life
  • resolve financial disagreements
  • eliminate parenting conflict
  • make your step-family happier
  • deal productively with extended family
  • end chore wars
I offer intensive couples counseling sessions for relationships needing intensive care.  The sessions are 4 to 16 hours in length.  For couples living outside the Melbourne, Florida area I offer both one and two day sessions.
Boulevard Professional Center for Couples Counseling

1600 W. Eau Gallie Blvd.
Melbourne, FL 32935


Earl Ledford's office in behind this door.

On the corner of Eau Gallie and Commodore Blvd. with Eau Gallie High School on the other corner.


Front Door to Affair Recovery

Take elevator up to second floor to Suite 201.  Use the call box left of door to find Earl Ledford LCSW and follow directions to call me and I can let you into the lobby.


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